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02 Aug
By Lucia Demercurio / Lulus Blog

Benefits of Castor Oil on the Digestive, Nervous and Lymphatic Systems



Castor oil is a versatile and natural remedy that has been used for various purposes for centuries. It is derived from the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis) and contains a high concentration of a unique fatty acid called ricinoleic acid. The ricinoleic acid is the primary active component responsible for many of the oil's beneficial properties.

Here's how castor oil works and some of its uses:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Properties: Castor oil has anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of ricinoleic acid. When applied topically, it can help reduce inflammation and pain in various conditions like arthritis, muscle strains, and joint pain.

  2. Moisturizing and Skin Health: Castor oil has excellent moisturizing properties, making it beneficial for dry and sensitive skin. The fatty acids in the oil help retain moisture, providing hydration to the skin. It can also help soothe skin irritations, rashes, and conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

  3. Hair Growth and Scalp Health: Applying castor oil to the scalp and hair can promote hair growth and improve overall hair health. The ricinoleic acid in the oil helps increase blood circulation to the scalp, nourishing hair follicles and stimulating growth. It also has antibacterial and antifungal properties that may help combat scalp infections and dandruff.

  4. Antimicrobial Properties: Castor oil exhibits some antimicrobial activity, which can help in preventing or treating certain skin infections caused by bacteria or fungi.

  5. Induction of Labor: In some cultures, castor oil is used to induce labor in pregnant women. However, it's essential to note that using castor oil for this purpose should only be done under medical supervision, as it can lead to strong uterine contractions and potential risks for the baby.

Castor oil's most important effect is on the following body systems: Lymphatic, digestive and nervous system. The body responds to castor oil through several means, with one of the primary impacts involving the lymphatic system. Parts of the nervous system, the liver, and entire digestive system are also affected by castor oil.

Lymphatic System 

Castor oil is believed to have positive effects on the lymphatic system when applied externally as a castor oil pack. The lymphatic system is a crucial part of the body's immune system, responsible for removing toxins, waste, and excess fluids from tissues. 

When our lymphatic system is not working properly, waste and toxins can build up, this can lead to depressed immune system, inefficient bowel movements, worsening food sensitivities, ultimately leading to inflammation and disease.

Here's how castor oil affects the lymphatic system:

  1. Lymphatic Drainage: When applied topically as a castor oil pack, castor oil may promote lymphatic drainage. The ricinoleic acid in the oil is thought to stimulate the lymphatic vessels, encouraging the flow of lymphatic fluid through the lymph nodes and improving the overall efficiency of the lymphatic system.

  2. Detoxification: By supporting lymphatic drainage, castor oil can help the body detoxify and eliminate metabolic waste products and toxins. The improved lymphatic flow may aid in clearing cellular debris, excess fluids, and harmful substances from tissues, contributing to a more effective detoxification process.

  3. Immune System Support: A healthy lymphatic system is essential for a robust immune system. By promoting lymphatic circulation and detoxification, castor oil may indirectly support immune function by reducing the burden of waste materials that can compromise the body's natural defense mechanisms.


Digestive System

Castor oil has long been used as a traditional remedy for digestive issues due to its potential laxative effect. When applied topically, castor oil can have significant effects on the digestive system, primarily due to the presence of ricinoleic acid, a unique fatty acid found in the oil.

Here's how castor oil affects the digestive system:

  1. Laxative Effect: The most well-known and common use of castor oil for the digestive system is its strong laxative effect. When ingested, castor oil is not absorbed in the small intestine but passes through to the large intestine (colon). There, the ricinoleic acid in the oil binds to receptors on the intestinal walls, stimulating contractions and increasing the movement of stool. This can lead to a significant increase in bowel movements and help relieve constipation.

  2. Promotes Bowel Movements: Castor oil works by irritating the intestinal lining and stimulating the nerves in the colon, which leads to increased peristalsis (the rhythmic contractions that move waste through the digestive tract). This effect can be helpful in cases of occasional constipation, but it's essential to use castor oil as a laxative cautiously, as excessive use can lead to dependency and dehydration.

  3. Support for Indigestion: Some individuals use castor oil to alleviate indigestion or bloating, as the oil's laxative effect may help to clear the digestive system and relieve discomfort.


 Nervous System

Castor oil primarily affects the nervous system indirectly through its various other properties, such as its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and calming effects. While it doesn't directly target the nervous system, some of its benefits can contribute to overall nervous system health. Here's how castor oil can potentially impact the nervous system:

  1. Anti-Inflammatory and Analgesic Properties: Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties. When applied topically, it can help reduce inflammation in the body, including areas that may affect nerves. By reducing inflammation, it may indirectly alleviate pain and discomfort associated with certain nerve-related conditions.

  2. Calming and Relaxing Effect: Some people find that using castor oil in massage or as part of a relaxation routine can promote a sense of calm and relaxation. This soothing effect may help individuals manage stress and anxiety, indirectly supporting the nervous system's overall well-being.

  3. Muscle Relaxation: Castor oil massages or packs can be used to relax tense muscles and ease muscle-related discomfort. Relieving muscle tension can have a positive impact on the nervous system, as tense muscles can exacerbate stress and discomfort.

  4. Potential for Pain Relief: Some individuals use castor oil topically to relieve pain associated with conditions like arthritis, nerve inflammation, and muscle strains. While the pain relief is not a direct effect on the nervous system, easing pain can have a positive impact on overall well-being and may reduce stress on the nervous system.

As with any natural remedy or treatment, it's best to consult with a healthcare professional before using castor oil for any specific nervous system-related concerns. If you have any underlying medical conditions or are taking medications, seeking medical advice ensures safe and appropriate use.

Overall, castor oil's effectiveness may vary depending on the individual and the specific condition it's used for. While it offers numerous potential benefits, it's important to use it cautiously and consult with a healthcare professional, especially when considering oral consumption or using it during pregnancy. Always perform a patch test when using it topically to check for any allergic reactions or sensitivities.

27 Jul
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth (A Complete Guide)

Baldness - it’s one of the scariest words for men suffering from male pattern baldness. Unfortunately, 30-50% of men suffer from it by age 50. 

Women are also not immune to hair loss. According to Health Match, about 50% of women globally would suffer from some level of severe hair loss (also known as androgenic alopecia). And while there are medical treatments, nothing works quite like natural remedies used for centuries – like castor oil.

The timeless healing potion has shown promising results in restoring your hair’s previous glory. Strengthening everything from your hair follicles, scalp to locks – castor oil is a tried and tested treatment.

So, join us on the journey while we dive deep into the benefits of castor oil for hair, how it works, usage guide, and more.

Benefits of Using Castor Oil for Your Hair

Castor oil is filled with hair-loving and hormone-balancing nutrients that provide incredible benefits to your hair health. People love using this miraculous potion on their scalp and hair because it:

Supports healthy scalp microbiome

The scalp microbiome is a mix of bacteria that work together to keep your hair, especially the scape, healthy (similar to beneficial gut bacteria). However, if these bacteria are thrown off, you can suffer from irritation, flaking, and more. 

Regular use of castor oil can help maintain the delicate balance of your scalp microbiome - thus preventing hair thinning and loss from the roots.

Improves circulation to hair follicles

The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil improve blood circulation, which stimulates hair follicles. Improved circulation allows essential nutrients and oxygen to reach your root – helping you maintain healthy hair follicles and scalp.

Soothes scalp inflammation

The oil’s anti-inflammatory properties enable the oil to soothe scalp inflammation. Along with hydrating the scalp, regular application of castor oil also promotes blood circulation and creates a healthy environment to trigger new growth.

Also Read: Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Supports lymph drainage

Naturopathic practitioners love to use castor oil to flush out toxic elements from the body - be it from the gut, breast, or uterus. And it works for hair too. 

Yes, even our hair follicles have lymphatic cells. The lymph cells cluster reside in your hair follicles and play a crucial role in fluid drainage. But poor drainage can result in severe hair thinning and hair fall – and that’s where castor oil hair therapy comes in.

Massaging castor oil gently on your lymph nodes stimulates the drainage from your hair follicles. Castor oil hair wrap is another great way to promote healthy lymph drainage. 

Moisturizes and conditions

Dryness and lack of moisture can contribute to hair loss. But with organic castor oil’s natural moisturizer, you can restore moisture in your scalp and hair, leaving them hydrated, smooth, and manageable.

Also, brittle and weak hair is more prone to breakage and loss. Regularly applying Organic Castor Oil strengthens your hair strands, making them less susceptible to damage and breakage, resulting in reduced hair loss.

How Does Castor Oil Prevent Hair Loss?

Castor oil contains ricinoleic acid, omega six fatty acids, and protein. This combination of all essential ingredients makes the oil a robust treatment for hair loss. 

By nourishing your hair root, castor oil prepares them for external aggression, resisting breakages and hair fall. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties strengthen the scalp to promote hair growth from roots. 

Plus, the antioxidants present in castor oil improve hair health, making your hair smoother, shinier, and more lustrous. 

How to Use Castor Oil for Hair?

Whether you want to improve your hair health or fight hair loss, castor oil’s healing properties have it all. 

The high viscosity of the oil forms thick and protective layers and reaches the deepest layers of your scalp. So, massage organic castor oil on your scalp 30 minutes before hair wash to let the healing properties of the oil sink in. 

You can also wrap your hair with a cotton cloth (old t-shirt or towel) for the best results. For people with oily scalps, consider diluting the thickness of castor oil by adding other vegetable oils like coconut or rosemary. 

Repeat the process twice weekly to see a difference in your hair growth. Make this a part of your hair care routine, and in a few months, you’ll start seeing the miraculous results yourself.

NOTE: Castor oil must not be used during pregnancy or menstruation without medical supervision. 

Can Castor Oil Treat Androgenetic Alopecia (Male-Pattern Baldness)?

While there is no scientific study to prove this, some doctors recommend castor in the Androgenetic Alopecia treatment. For example, Dr. Dhanraj Chavan from Hair MD, Hair Transplant Center recommends massaging lukewarm castor oil on the scalp for 20 minutes once a week.

However, do know that the treatment cannot recover you from severe hair fall or bald spots. It’s best to get medical treatment at such a stage. And if you are already under medication, make sure to consult with your doctor before starting the castor oil hair routine.

A Step Towards Creating a Healing Hair Care Regime

We all deserve healthy and happy hair. And even if the stats are against us sometimes, all we have to do is try. Making a healing hair care routine in the initial stages of hair loss can create a world of difference.

So start your hair care regime today with Lulus Naturals’ USD Certified Organic Castor Oil. Let the miraculous potion - filled with essential nutrients, including vitamin E, omega-6 fatty acids, and proteins - nourish your hair follicles, promote healthier hair growth, and fortify the roots to prevent hair fall.

24 May
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

4 Natural Ways to Treat Fibroids - Healing Your Uterine Fibroid

Uterine Fibroids are abnormal growth that forms muscular tissue in our uterus. They are amongst the most common non-cancerous tumors - 70% of women develop uterine fibroids by age 45. And while it occurs due to various environmental, dietary, and genetic reasons, there are a few proven natural ways to treat fibroids.

Here, you'll learn the top four such natural remedies to treat and lower the risks of fibroids from ever forming in your uterus. But let's first start with the basics:

What are Uterine Fibroids?

Uterine fibroids, also called benign tumors, uterine leiomyomas, and myomas, are non-cancerous or life-threatening (99% of the time) muscular tissues. 

The fibroids' sizes range from as small as seeds to some growing larger than a grapefruit. That's why it goes unnoticed and undiagnosed until it grows large enough to be found in physical examination (only 1/3rd of fibroid grows this big). Also, it's non-uncommon for women to develop multiple fibroids growths throughout the uterus instead of one.

While a few women suffering from uterine fibroids may show no symptoms, myomas can cause uncomfortable and painful signs such as:

  • Painful periods
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
  • Abdominal pain
  • Enlarged lower abdomen
  • Lower back pain
  • Pain during sex
  • Reproductive problems (miscarriages and infertility)
  • Anemia

What Causes Uterine Fibroids?

While scientists and doctors are unsure why fibroids form in the first place, research suggests that multiple factors play a role in this abnormal growth. According to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, the following might be the key factor behind uterine fibroids:

  • Estrogen progesterone imbalance
  • Growth hormones
  • Lack of micronutrients
  • Genetics major stress

4 Natural Ways to Treat Fibroids

Hormonal imbalance is one of the major causes of fibroid formation in women. Finding a way to balance your hormones can, hence, help you relieve symptoms. 

Fortunately, the following four-stage can be very effective in rebalancing your hormonal levels and healing (or preventing) uterine fibroids from the roots:

1. Reduce your estrogen overload

Estrogen is a key hormone responsible for regulating your reproductive system. From spurging in puberty for sexual development to dropping after ovulation - its levels rise and fall throughout life.

However, if the estrogen levels get too high (estrogen dominance), it can lead to the development of uterine fibroids. Therefore, reducing estrogen overload can be vital in managing the symptoms of women struggling with uterine fibroids. 

Some ways to reduce estrogen overload include: - 

  • Eating a balanced diet rich in cruciferous vegetables, which contain compounds that help the liver detoxify excess estrogen 
  •  Avoiding or limiting alcohol consumption, as alcohol can disrupt hormone balance and increase estrogen levels 
  • Limiting exposure to xenoestrogens, which are synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen in the body, by choosing natural and organic products whenever possible 
  • Considering hormone therapy or birth control options, which can regulate estrogen levels under the guidance of a healthcare provider 

2. Improve your lymphatic drainage

A case study done in Ayurveda found lymphatic drainage 'very effective' in relieving uterine fibroid in a series of women. With these revolutionary findings, the study concluded that with a larger sample clinical trial and more research, increasing the circulation of lump throughout the body with lymphatic drainage can significantly reduce the need for uterine surgery at the initial stages. 

Thankfully, there are a few natural ways to improve lymphatic drainage, including:

  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Eating a healthy diet 
  • Yoga
  • Lymphatic drainage massage

Religiously using castor oil packs over your liver can also be a great natural tool to promote lymphatic drainage. It helps reduce inflammation and improve circulation, improving lymphatic drainage's effectiveness. 

We've covered a detailed blog post on castor oil for liver detoxification where you can learn about the process in detail - Castor oil for liver detox

3. Reduce your gut inflammation

'All disease begins in the gut' Hippocrates 

A healthy digestive system is crucial for extracting wastes, toxins, and excess hormones from the body, which can help reduce the presence or formation of fibroids. In addition, studies show that women with uterine fibroid tend to have higher levels of inflammation in their guts. 

Another study found that women with uterine fibroids have a different composition of bacteria in their guts. The link between gut health and fibroid can hence promote inflammation. Moreover, gut microbes can also promote estrogen, thus further contributing to estrogen dominance.

Therefore, keeping your gut health and inflammation in check goes a long way in managing uterine fibroid, and castor oil can be a great aid in ensuring just this.

To reduce your gut inflammation - alongside the risk of uterine fibroids - religiously use a castor oil pack.

  • Start with a small amount of castor oil and increase the amount gradually (as tolerated)
  • Lukewarm the oil and pour it over your organic castor oil pack (or cotton cloth)
  • Let the pack sit for 45-60 minutes while you focus your energy on mental and emotional healing

Note: A healthy lifestyle is the key to a healthy gut. So eat a nutrient-rich diet, add probiotics to support good bacteria in your gut, and exercise consistently.

4. Improve your liver function

A healthy liver can be an essential tool for healing uterine fibroid by:

  • Metabolizing Estrogen: Improving your liver function strengthens the organs to eliminate excess estrogen – healing fibroids issues from roots. 
  • Producing Bile: By producing the essential amount of bile, your liver improves digestion and absorption of nutrients - reducing the symptoms of uterine fibroid
  • Detoxifying the body: A healthy liver can remove harmful toxins from your body which helps in reducing the risk of developing fibroid in the first place. 

So keep your liver health in check. Eat a healthy diet, avoid alcohol, and exercise regularly. 

You can also add castor oil liver detoxification regime to your healing routine. Along with detoxification, castor oil packs for the liver will help reduce inflammation, stimulate the lymphatic systems, and protect against damage. 

To know more, you can read the ultimate guide to castor oil pack for liver detoxification.

Natural Ways to Treat Fibroid: The Emotion-Fibroid Connection

At Lulus Naturals, we believe that our physical health is closely connected to our mental and emotional well-being, and we encourage this perspective. 

Repressed anger, stress, and unprocessed emotional load can provide a fertile ground for a toxic internal environment to develop where problems like fibroid thrive.

Body-soul connection

The connection between emotional state and fibroid growth can also be traced back to traditional Chinese medicine. Plus, a growing body of research indicates how badly stress can impact our physical health. 

It weakens our immune system, and increased Cortisol levels promote estrogen dominance.

Therefore, while using the above four steps in your healing journey, investigate your relationship with anger, prioritize self-care, manage stress levels, and increase your life's pleasure. 

Focus on the inward-out approach, and your body will start healing itself.

PRECAUTIONARY NOTE: Remember, it's important to discuss any changes to your hormone levels or treatment options with a healthcare provider to ensure they are safe and effective.
28 Mar
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

Castor Oil for Breast Health (the natural route to healthy breasts)

Castor oil for breast health

Waking up to discover a lump or nodules in your breast can be a frightening experience. But you are not alone. Over 50% of women between the ages of 20 and 50 suffer from ropy or lumpy breasts. And while genetics and family history plays a role, the right lifestyle choices and preventive remedies can help you beat the odds and keep your breasts healthy. One such time-honored natural treatment is using castor oil for breast health.

In this article, we'll take you on a journey of the numerous incredible benefits of this ancient medicinal potion, show you how it promotes breast health, and much more. 

Castor Oil for Breast Health

For centuries, castor oil has been used to treat various breast problems, from blood flow stagnation and lymphatic drainage issues to fibrocystic breasts, severe pain, and swelling. But the benefits of castor oil for breast health don't stop there. 

This powerful remedy has a wide range of therapeutic properties that can help with everything from healing rashes and reducing stretch marks to promoting detoxification and reducing inflammation. So whether you want to maintain healthy breasts or heal a specific condition, a castor oil healing ritual can work wonders for your overall well-being.

Here are a few of the many reasons behind the tremendous success of castor oil as a natural breast health remedy:

Promote Blood Flow & Promotes Lymphatic Drainage

Lack of blood flow and toxins accumulating over time can lead to denser breast tissues and lymphatic drainage. The poor circulation can also contribute to health issues such as inflammation, swelling, and fibrocystic breast. 

Castor oil's omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help improve flow and drainage in breast tissues. Moreover, the oil's ricin compound (with anticoagulant properties) breaks down blood clots and prevents new ones from forming. 

Fibrocystic Breast Disease

Fibrocystic breast is a condition where the breast tissues grow lumpy and rope-like texture which leads to discomfort, pain and even affects the long-term health of your breast. 

Castor oil can be a great organic remedy for alleviating the symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease by reducing inflammation and preventing stagnation and drainage in the tissues.

Swelling & Inflammation

Inflammation and swelling are one of the most common health issues faced by women across all age groups. But with its medicinal anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil can significantly reduce swelling and inflammation in the breast tissues. 

Applying the oil topically heals the affected area and helps soothe the tissue, reduce inflammation, and improve breast health.


How to Use Castor Oil for Your Breasts?

By now, you know why thousands of women worldwide use castor oil to keep their breasts healthy. The benefits of castor oil are innumerable, and here are our three favorite ways to use castor oil:

Massage the Breast

Massaging your breast is the best thing you can do to keep the lymph moving—numerous scientific pieces of evidence point to the benefits of supporting the lymphatic movement and healthy lactation. 

For example, a clinical trial published in the European Journal of Cancer Care points out how massage leads to an immediate increase in heart rate variability and decreases lymphedema.

Breast massage also prevents stagnation. It's beneficial because as long as the tissues move, the ducts will not be blocked, and toxins can be removed because of lower accumulation. Moreover, regular massage can provide significantly relieve in severe breast pain (as per a study published in the National Library of Medicine)

So make a massage ritual, a time of the day/week to honor yourself and give your breast the nurturing it needs. Relax your body, light candles or incense, turn off the phone, and massage your breasts with lukewarm castor oil.

Precaution: You cannot use Castor oil during pregnancy or menstruation.

Castor Oil Breast Pack

While castor oil massage can work miracles on your breast health, adding a castor oil pack to your healing ritual will fastrack the journey to healthier breasts. 

But putting castor oil, covering your breasts with cotton, and laminating it to prevent the wrap from falling off isn't the most optimum and convenient way to do a castor oil pack for breasts. That's why we created My Lulus castor oil pads.

My Lulus Castor Oil Pads

Designed to help you nurture yourself - mind, body, and breast, My Lulus pads help you reap the maximum benefits of the miraculous potion. Here's how you can easily do a castor oil pack for your breasts with My Lulus pads:

  • Pour a few drops of castor oil into your hand and gently apply a layer over your breasts
  • Place the castor oil pads on the breast and wear a sports bra or bralette to hold the pads in place
  • Place a hot water bottle or a heating pad and let the oil sink in deeper for 45-60 minutes 

Cleanse Seasonally

Toxin accumulating in your body – primarily the liver – can clogs the channels and prevent natural cellular activities from working normally. Therefore, cleaning it every season prepares your body for the new season and balances the natural processes.

Castor oil liver cleansing is a great way to eliminate all those toxins from your liver and restabilize the balance in the entire body (including the breasts). This can include monthly castor oil packs for the liver or doing a deep liver cleanse. 

We've covered a detailed article on liver cleansing here - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO CASTOR OIL FOR LIVER DETOX

Superpower Your Healing Journey

Whenever you see any abnormality in your breast, it's mostly because your body is sending signs of an inner imbalance. And until it's healed from the roots, the problems - lump, pain, tumor, cyst, fibroadenomas – can find their way back.

The good news is – your body knows how to heal.

When you address the roots imbalance (usually on a hormonal level), your body starts self-healing. While castor oil and external medicine will work, you need to take a holistic approach for the long-term benefits. This means:

Making a healing routine.



Nurturing your body, mind, and breast is great for releasing stagnation in the chest. 

Add castor oil massages and packs to your self-care routine. Take some time out of your schedule to meditate and do deep breathing exercises, body movement, and stretching, such as yoga. Let this be a 'YOU' time, where you give your body the time to relax and heal.

Adopting a Nutrient Rich Diet

When it comes to breast health issues, diet also plays a vital role in the healing journey. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a dietitian and get your eating plan professionally made per your dietary needs and diagnosis.  

In general, women suffering from breast abnormalities should eat an organic, pesticide-free, mostly vegetarian diet as it reduces the amount of free-floating estrogen. 

Supporting Your General Health

Your immune system is your frontline warrior, and to keep it strong and ready to fight, you need to support your overall health. So exercise regularly, maintain a healthy weight, and give up unhealthy habits such as smoking and drinking.

Embracing the Right Mindset

Your body can't heal in a stressed state because the body achieves what the mind believes. That's why balancing your hormones and releasing all the accumulated trauma, stress, and trapped emotions is vital to a successful healing journey.

So explore the emotions associated with breast lumps by journaling or with a therapist. 

Give Your Breasts the Care and Love They Deserve

Your breasts deserve the utmost care and attention and a castor oil breast routine is a beautiful way to give your breasts the love and healing they need. By incorporating natural remedies like castor oil into your wellness routine, you're taking a holistic approach to your health that can help heal from the inside out.

As you embark on this deeply spiritual journey to better breast health, take the time to reconnect with your inner self and tap into a sense of abundance, acceptance, and confidence. With a castor oil healing ritual as your guide, you can stand tall and proud, knowing you're doing everything you can to promote your overall well-being.

So go forth with love and care for your sacred breasts, and embrace the transformative power of nature's magical elixir - castor oil. Your heart and body will thank you for it!

27 Jan
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Castor Oil Pack: The Miraculous Potion

Castor oil pack is a time-honored natural remedy. Holistic Practitioners, midwives, Ayurvedic, and ancient Chinese treatments have been using the potion for centuries. Today, the market for this miraculous natural treatment is larger than ever. 

But what exactly is a castor oil pack? What are its benefits? How to use it, and does it really work? 

Let’s get all these questions answered:

What is Castor Oil Pack?

Castor oil is a natural oil derived from castor beans called Ricinus Communis, a type of fatty acid that is the primary component of the oil. A castor oil pack is putting the oil on a 100% cotton velour and applying the pack on the affected area along with a heating pad or warm water bottle for deep absorption.

You can make the pack with both organic castor oil and castor oil blends with other essential oils. For example, Lulus Naturals Organic Ultime Liver Detox Castor Oil Blend is made with 97% organic castor oil and 3% organic essential oils specifically for liver detoxification. Therefore applying this blend pack will heal your liver better than an organic castor oil pack. 

Benefits of Using Castor Oil Pack

Castor oil pack is one of the most celebrated naturopathy remedies, and its benefits extend beyond issues in the abdominal area.  

The ability of the oil to penetrate your skin and be absorbed into deep layers makes it an incredible treatment for numerous conditions, including:


Castor oil's ricinoleic acid is packed with anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it a great remedy for inflammation-caused problems, including arthritis, sore muscles, and thyroid. Research shows that regular application of castor oil packs may reduce arthritis symptoms more effectively than topical prescription treatments.

Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide 

Improved Fertility

Regular use of castor oil packs over your uterus in the follicular period is a great way to boost fertility. By improving blood circulation, detoxifying your body, reducing inflammation, and much more, castor oil packs will help you get your uterus ready for pregnancy.

Here we've covered in detail how castor oil improves fertility:

Supports Lymphatic Health 

Your lymphatic system eliminates metabolic waste from the body, and castor oil can assist in restoring flow when there are issues with drainage. And as your body can quickly absorb the oil, it is an excellent natural medication to support your lymphatic health.


The essential fatty acids in castor oil encourage the movement of chemical energy in your lymphatic system, thus detoxifying your previously contingent areas. Since the lymphatic system does not have a pump like the circulatory system, it relies on movement and muscle contractions to move fluid through the body. 

When you apply a castor oil pack, the healing oil is absorbed through the skin and into the tissues, where it is believed to help stimulate the lymphatic system and improve circulation, thus removing toxins and waste from the body.

How to Use a Castor Oil Pack?

You can use castor oil packs regularly ( even daily, if needed). It is one of those rare remedies that cannot be too much for external applications.

However, when starting, it's better to start with a 45-60 minutes session every second or third day. As your body gets acclimated to the regime, you can gradually make it a daily practice to treat chronic conditions.

Here's the step-by-step process for doing a castor oil pack:

  • Apply a generous amount of castor oil on your hands and gently massage the treatment area for one minute.
  • Place the castor oil pack on your body (targeted area)
  • Add a heating pad or hot water bottle for maximum benefits
  • Let the pack sit for 45-60 minutes while you relax

The application method and time can vary depending on the treatment area and conditions. Our Scared Womb castor oil pack for lower abdominal, for example, can be comfortably worn overnight, whereas we advise you not to use the castor oil breast pack for more than an hour.

Where to Use caster Oil Pack?


castor oil for liver

As your body's natural detoxifier, applying a castor oil pack on your liver can help you eliminate toxins, improve digestion, enhance your immune system, and more. Besides being a miraculous treatment for IBC and constipation, the wraps are also great for treating excess acidity in your liver naturally.

Learn more on how to do a castor oil pack for your liver: The Ultimate Guide to Castor Oil For Liver Detox


castor oil for thyroid

It is through our throats that we express our emotions, articulate our dreams, and express our strength. And when we fail to process our emotions, they can get trapped, contributing to chronic inflammation that can lead to the thyroid. 

Using castor oil packs on your thyroid will help you detoxify the gland and reduce inflammation. Moreover, the remedial wrap is also known for treating swollen nodules, Hashimoto's, hypo and hyper thyroid, grave diseases, and so forth.

The Lulus Naturals Speak Your Truth neck wrap is made especially for comfortably applying a castor oil pack on the neck and letting the healing power of the oil sink in deep and heal.


Castor oil for womb

Be it boosting fertility, relieving menstrual pain, treating irregular periods, uterine fibroids, or ovarian cysts, or giving the uterus a loving healing session once in a while, using castor oil packs can never go out of fashion.

It helps your uterus detoxify the uterine environment, shed stagnant tissues, reduce inflammation, promote circulation of fresh blood, and improve egg quality and quantity. 

The importance of creating a monthly pre-menstrual ritual: For deep womb healing

Joints & Sore Muscles

castor oil for joints

The high percentage of ricinoleic acid makes castor oil packs an incredible remedy for healing joint pain and inflammation. By improving blood flow in your sore muscles and joints, the pack application help brings a steady circulation of oxygen and nutrient back to the affected area. For example, a clinical trial published in 2011 showed using castor oil packs relieves pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Moreover, the warmth and pressure of the castor oil help stimulate lymphatic flow that removes waste and toxins from the joints. Therefore, the pack is useful for relieving pain and healing arthritis and other joint-related conditions.


Castor oil for kideny

Using a cold-pressed organic castor oil pack over your kidney coupled with a heating pad helps in reducing the pain associated with urinary tract infection. Moreover, the self-treatment remedy carried along with antibiotics speeds up the recovery process of UTI, while the anti-inflammatory properties can also reduce pain and discomfort substantially.


Castor oil for breast

Castor oil pads for your breast are a simple and effective way to improve the quality of your breast tissues along with healing an existing condition or for preventive maintenance. For example, My Lulus castor oil breast pads can be used for increasing blood circulation in breast tissues and fast-tracking the healing of:

  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Fibrocystic breasts
  • Elimination of Toxins

You can easily wear these under a bralette or sports bra. Apply it for 45 minutes and nurture yourself - mind, body, and breasts.

Castor Oil Packs - More than a Natural Remedy



Religiously applying castor oil pack is a holistic way of taking care of your body and giving it the love and nurturing it needs. 

Your body is equipped with all the tools to heal itself. And when using this remedy, let this be the time you sit down, relax, do breathing exercises, and give your body and soul the space to self-heal.

05 Jan
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

3 Easiest Natural Ways to Heal Thyroid (our top picks)

More than 12% of the U.S. population develop a thyroid condition. That's over 30 million Americans, with women being much more likely to develop thyroid issues. And while the standard treatment is taking daily thyroid hormones, there are a few natural ways to heal thyroid that fast-track your healing process and treat the disease from the core.

Here we've listed our top 3 natural remedies that have worked miraculously for us. Read on to find out.

What is Thyroid & What Causes It?

Shaped like a butterfly, the thyroid is a gland situated in our neck region.

It is an endocrine gland responsible for producing two vital metabolism-regulating hormones: T3 and T4

Therefore, anything going wrong with your thyroid gland has a carry-over to your metabolism, which has a 1-on-1 relationship with your emotional, mental, and physical fitness levels.

They are two primary types: hyperthyroid and hypothyroid

In the case of hypothyroidism, your body decreases the secretion of thyroid hormones. Hyperthyroid condition, on the other hand, increases the secretion of hormones resulting in the person reducing weight. 

Out of the two, Hypothyroid is a widespread diagnosis, especially in women, and it can lead to:

  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Dry skin
  • Constipation
  • Hair loss
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle
  • Fatigue
  • Swelling of the throat (Goiter)

If left untreated, Hypothyroid can result in severe heart disease, infertility, joint pains, and obesity. Fortunately, like with most lifestyle diseases, there are many natural ways to heal thyroid from the roots.

3 Natural Ways to Heal Thyroid

Focusing on Your Diet

One of the primary causes behind hypothyroidism is a deficiency of Iodine and iron in your system. Therefore for sufficient Iodine, you can add the following food to your diet:

  • Dairy product
  • Selenium-rich food (brown rice, sunflower seeds, yogurt)

For a quicker recovery, make sure you eat four times a day. However, avoid food containing high amounts of nitrogen, including:

  • Soya products (tofu)
  • Cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • Peanuts
  • Sweet potato, peach, and strawberries

Stree Reduction & Workout

No matter your health condition, stress reduction is vital as good supportive care. It's especially important in the case of thyroid, where common symptoms include anxiety & increased heart rate. 

Workouts, Yoga, and breathing exercises help realize TSH (Thyroid-stimulating Hormones). Strength training, in particular, helps increase muscle, which indirectly influences thyroid function. 

Therefore developing a regular exercise routine can also aid in stress reduction, weight maintenance, & heal thyroid. 

Castor Oil for Thyroid

Castor oil is an excellent organic remedy to improve thyroid function and reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism. 

The warming effects of castor oil increase the blood flow to the thyroid gland and improves circulation, thus potentially enhancing the production of hormones. In addition, inflammation is a primary contributing factor to thyroid issues, and the anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil further heal inflamed thyroid glands.

Moreover, since castor oil is absorbed deep into the skin (4 inches deep), it can increase your lymphocyte counts (your immune system's disease-fighting cells located in your neck). More lymphocytes mean a faster removal of toxins from your tissues and faster healing.

But that's not all! Using castor oil packs on your thyroid also brings more oxygen & nutrients to the areas, reduces swelling, and helps remove toxins.

Therefore, if you're looking for a natural way to potentially support your thyroid and immune system, you may want to try castor oil. 

Read More: Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

How to Use a Castor oil Pack for Thyroid?

Using a castor oil pack is the best way to let the miraculous healing properties of organic castor oil improve your thyroid health. Lulu's Naturals organic cotton 'Speak Your Truth' thyroid wrap, and organic castor oil is the perfect combo to help you do a hassle-free castor oil pack and get the desired results.

castor oil wrap

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use it:

  • Get your castor oil wrap, organic castor oil, an old towel, and a hot water bottle.
  • Take a quarter size amount of castor oil into your palm and massage it gently around your neck. Make sure to coat the base on the front of the neck (thyroid gland location)
  • Place the castor oil wrap around the neck and secure it with an adjustable button.
  • For maximum results, use a hot water bottle over the wrap.
  • Let the castor oil pack sit and heal your thyroid for 30-45 minutes.
  • After application, remove the pack and wipe the area with the old towel.

You can use the castor oil pack regime 2-3 times per week along with focusing on your diet, stress management, and exercise. 

Natural Ways to Heal Thyroid: Understanding the Core Cause

Despite what it looks from the surface, thyroid isn't a completely physical issue. It is through our throat (home of the thyroid gland) that we express our deepest desires.

By reopening the natural flow of our mind, heart, and mouth, we can return the balance. The 'Speak Your Truth' castor oil pack of Lulu's naturals is designed to help you treat chronic inflammation. But, along with the castor oil pack, it's vital you focus on reopening the natural flow of your mind, heart, and voice, so you can return the balance.

Note: Not all thyroid issues can be solved with natural remedies. Typically thyroid issues rooted in genetic issues where the bodies release antibodies against the secretion of T3 and T4 will need medical supervision. Therefore, before opting for natural remedies, consult your doctor and make sure the remedy is safe for your particular case.

14 Dec
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

7 Reasons to Add Organic Castor Oil to Your Natural Medical Kit

Organic castor oil – the age-old remedy is still one of the most potent staples of natural medical kits. From times immemorial to today's modern medicine age, the popularity of castor oil's therapeutic benefits has only increased. 

But if you are still unsure whether you need this dense and sticky magical potion, here we're explaining the top seven reasons why you should add organic castor oil to your naturopathy kit. Plus, a bonus freebie at the end for all you naturopathy enthusiasts. 

What is Organic Castor Oil?

Organic castor oil is a thick, pale yellow, odorless vegetable oil extracted from castor beans. First found in central Africa, today, the majority of castor oil is produced in India. 

The medical and therapeutic properties of castor oil come down to the oil's chemical makeup. It is categorized as a triglyceride fatty acid, and about 90% of the acid comes from a rare compound, ricinoleic acid.

Other than ricinoleic acid, organic castor oil is also rich in the following:

  • Phenolic compounds
  • Amino Acids
  • Flavonoids
  • Phytosterols

When ingested, castor oil's ricinoleic acid breaks down in your small intestines, which speeds up digestion, making the oil an excellent remedy for constipation and liver detox.

Your skin can easily absorb ricinoleic acid in castor oil. That's why the oil is also used to treat various skin issues, such as psoriasis, dermatosis, and acne. 

While studies continue to investigate the potential health benefits, there's much more to castor oil than you might realize. And here are the top seven of them:

Top 7 Therapeutic Benefits of Organic Castor Oil

Heals Constipation

The constipation healing ability is one of the primary reasons behind the skyrocketing popularity of organic castor oil. As an excellent laxative source, the oil stimulates muscle movement while pushing the bowel material through the colon and clearing the waste.

Many studies also revealed that castor oil could heal constipation by easing its symptoms, reducing the effort experienced during defection, and reducing the feeling of incomplete bowel movements.

Research shows that regular castor oil application (discussed in a later section of this article) significantly eases constipation symptoms and promotes healthy bowel movement in the long term.

Learn More: The Ultimate Guide to Castor Oil For Liver Detox

Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Remedy

The richness of ricinoleic acid makes organic castor oil an incredible anti-inflammatory cure. It is a fantastic treatment choice for people who suffer from inflammation brought on by arthritic pain or sports injuries.

In such cases, castor oil can be used to treat acute inflammation and even provide some pain relief. In addition, the oil's anti-inflammatory properties also make it incredibly helpful in treating diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and hyperthyroidism. 

Learn More: Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Boosts Fertility & Induces Labor

Regular application of castor oil in your follicular phase can boost fertility by:

  • Promoting better blood circulation
  • Encouraging the growth of the endometrium
  • Relieving pain and inflammation

In naturopathy, full-term pregnant women use castor oil to speed up the contraction and induce labor. Recent research also proves that castor oil use increases the likelihood of delivery within 24 hours after consumption. 

This is because the ricinoleic acid in castor oil stimulates the uterine EP3 prostanoid receptor, helping to accelerate the beginning of labor. 

Note: Pregnant women should never use castor oil during their term.

Learn More: Castor Oil For Fertility: Miraculous Benefits You Can't-Miss

Treats Arthritis

Studies have been done on the possible benefits of castor oil for treating osteoarthritis symptoms. In the research, knee osteoarthritis patients took capsules of either castor oil or diclofenac sodium (a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine) three times a day for four weeks.

The outcomes showed that both therapies were successful in reducing osteoarthritis-related pain. However, 90% of individuals in the diclofenac sodium group had a substantial reduction in pain, whereas 92% of participants in the castor oil group similarly showed a significant decrease in pain related to arthritis.

Plus, there were no adverse side effects from using castor oil

Therefore, if you have rheumatoid arthritis, consider making ginger tea with castor oil and consuming it right before bed. Castor oil packs can also be used to treat the pain and suffering associated with osteoarthritis.

Read More: How Effective is Castor Oil for Arthritis? 

Promotes Wound Healing

Castor oil is a triglyceride with anti-microbial and antibacterial properties. That is why applying castor oil around wounds creates a moisture-rich environment that can promote healing and stop sores from drying out.

The wound-healing power of castor oil is further backed by a study conducted on 861 nursing home residents with ulcers. The findings show that ointments containing castor oil have a faster healing rate. 

Boosts Immunity

Organic castor oil's ability to support the body's lymphatic system makes it a robust immune-enhancing potion. 

The lymphatic system is a small tubular structure distributed throughout the whole body. As your body's natural disease-fighter, it plays a crucial function in absorbing and eliminating extra fluid, protein, and waste from our cells.

A study published in The Journal of Naturopathic Medicine proves castor oil packs can significantly improve lymphatic drainage and other immune system processes. Due to this, castor oil and other parts of the plants are used in traditional medical practices to treat

  • Muscle Ache
  • Backache
  • Abdominal disorder
  • Arthritis
  • PMS
  • Chronic headaches
  • Gallbladder pain
  • Sleep ensues (like insomnia)
  • PMS

Breast Health

Organic castor oil assists in the reduction and repair of benign clotting and swelling, including cysts, tumors, and fibroadenomas. It stimulates lymphatic circulation and drainage, enhances blood flow, and cleanses breast tissues with detoxification properties.

Edgar Cayce, or "The Sleeping Prophet," also advocated using castor oil packs, in particular, to remove tumors close to the breast surface.

Therefore, regular application of castor oil pack is an easy and effective way to heal your breast, whether you are looking to treat an existing issue or for preventive measures.

How to Use Castor Oil

Compared to other oils, castor oil penetrates the skin significantly deeper (up to 4 inches below the skin). Therefore, this oil has the means of accessing deeper tissues.

Typically castor oil can be used 1-2 times per week when actively trying to treat some medical condition. For preventive measures, however, you can use castor oil once a month.

Here are the three practical ways to use castor oil:

Castor oil Massage

Given its anti-inflammatory properties, castor oil is a great massage oil for easing inflammations, arthritic joints, and sore muscles. 

Just take 3-4 drops of lukewarm castor oil, spread it on your palms, and gently massage it on your treatment area until all of it is absorbed in the skin. 

Note: Remember that some diseases, like ringworm, can spread through contact. Therefore, always thoroughly wash your hands before and after the castor oil massage.

Castor Oil Packs

Organic Castor oil packs are a fantastic way to let the therapeutic properties of the oil sink into your skin and treat issues from the roots. 

  • To use a castor oil pack, add a few drops of castor oil to the pack and spread it evenly.
  • Lay down on a comfortable surface.
  • Place the pack in the area to be treated. (for example, on your liver for liver detox or uterus for boosting fertility)
  • Put a hot bottle of water over the pack for maximum benefit.
  • Leave the pack for 60 minutes. (you can also leave the pack over nigh, Lulus Naturals castor oil packs are made with 8x18 organic cotton velour. Therefore are super comfortable to worn all night)

Learn about your castor oil packs in more detail: // link to the castor oil pack article//

Direct Organic Caster Oil Consumption

Typically castor oil is consumed directly to relieve constipation. However, since the oil works quickly, it can only be taken during the day. 

Take no more than 15 milliliters of castor oil. Mix the oil in a glass of water or fruit juice. Within two to six hours of consumption, you'll see the results. 

NOTE: Like any other laxative, castor oil cannot be consumed more than once per six months.

Curing Your Body: The Holistic Approach

Time and again, castor oil has proven to be a miraculous remedy for fast pacing your healing process. 

But there's only so much relief external influences can provide. In the longer haul, you'll need to adapt to a healthy lifestyle with an appropriate diet and physical exercise to keep your body healthy and diseases away.

At Lulus Naturals, we advise you to focus on the holistic approach. To overcome the root cause of any disease, you need to pay close attention to the following:

  • A healthy and fulfilling diet
  • Physical workout at least thrice a week
  • Your thoughts (love and respect for your body and mind)

Ready to Get Your First Organic Castor Oil?

Organic castor oil has innumerable benefits, but we’re sure that the above seven reasons are enough to convince you about the miraculous properties of the oil.

If you are convinced, get your first organic castor oil order today. Mix and match it with Lulus Naturals Castor Oil Blends to get the perfect naturopathic potion for yourself. 

Join our movement of holistic health, place your first order today, and get 10% off. 

Safety Warning: Always consult your physician before starting a castor oil regime. 

06 Dec
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

How Effective is Castor Oil for Arthritis (A Detailed Explainer)

Arthritis has been inflicting pain on human bodies for a long time– as far back as 4500 BC. Even today, after all the technological advancements in medicine, arthritis remains prevalent across borders. More than 350 million people suffer from arthritic conditions globally. However, there are specific natural remedies that have worked wonders for many people with arthritis, and castor oil for arthritis definitely tops the list of these remedies.

So, in this article, we’ll shed more light on why castor oil is so popular for treating arthritis, the best ways to use it, and a secret to speed up your healing process like never before.

What is Arthritis?

Did you ever wake up feeling somebody, somewhere, is poking pins in a voodoo doll by your name? Your joints feel frozen while you cry in pain, and it takes hours for the morning stiffness to ease away.

If yes, then you should get checked for arthritis.

Arthritis does not refer to a specific disease. Instead, it is an umbrella term that includes 100 different types of joint inflammation. People of all ages and sexes live with it.

Arthritis induces swelling, stiffness, and pain and limits joint motion. Though the symptoms can vary from severe to mild, chronic arthritis can result in severe pain and make even day-to-day activities like walking and climbing stairs extremely grueling and painful.

The most common type is rheumatoid arthritis (RA) which occurs when your immune system attacks your joint afflicting uncontrolled inflammation. RA primarily affects the joints in our hands, feet, elbows, and shoulders.

But, irrespective of the type, if not treated immediately, arthritis can permanently disfigure your joints. In fact, it is the leading cause of disability in the U.S.

While medicine is important for treating arthritis, there are also natural ways through which you can speed up the healing process and can even reverse the inflammation in your joints. One of such miraculous natural remedy is castor oil.

Read More: Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

Castor Oil: The Best Natural Remedy for Arthritis?

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition that causes excruciating joint pain (especially in the case of rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis). Luckily, castor oil is a potent analgesic and anti-inflammatory remedy.

Castor oil

Castor oil is a viscous, flavorless oil produced from the castor plant's seeds. Its use stretches back to ancient Egypt when it was initially employed as lamp fuel before being utilized for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes. 

India now produces the majority of the world's castor oil. Many of its traditional applications, including its laxative effects and anti-inflammatory characteristics, are supported by contemporary studies.

Even when applied topically, your skin easily absorbs the castor. And once in, the miraculous anti-inflammatory compounds in the castor oil reduce joint pain and discomfort.

Swelling is a common symptom of arthritis, and the discomfort gets worse on days when you apply some pressure to the afflicted area. Therefore, on days like that, you need medication that quickly reduces inflammation. And castor oil is known to reduce inflammations. 

This is why castor oil is often the best natural remedy to treat arthritis. Medical practitioners across India have been using castor oil to relieve joint pain for centuries. However, as growing studies dictate ricinoleic acid (an essential compound of castor oil) as the holy grail to heal inflammation, we can see evidence of why this orderless oil has produced such excellent results.

How To Use Castor Oil for Arthritis?

Depending on your condition and preference, you can use castor oil for arthritis in a few different ways. However, here are our top three favorite ways:

Use Castor Oil Directly on Your Skin

For this, you'll need 100% organic castor oil (hexane-free) and a cotton cloth.

Start by heating the castor oil to a lukewarm temperature. Then, soak the cotton cloth in the warmed oil and squeeze out the excess.

Now, place the cloth on arthritis-affected areas and leave it for 30-45 minutes. This will let the warm oil sink into your skin, relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

How Often: No more than once a week

Massage Oil

Castor oil is a great massage oil for alleviating aching muscles, inflamed nerves, and arthritic joints. Plus, you don't need to be a professional masseuse to perform castor oil massages.

Spread a few drops of lukewarm castor oil evenly on your palm and massage it on the affected area. You an also use Lulus Naturals castor oil gloves to save yourself from the hassle.

Depending on your arthritis, you can do the following:

  • Swedish massage: Apply oil to the region that needs to be massaged. On the sore joint, make lengthy, circular strokes with your fingertips. Adjust the pressure to your comfort level.
  • Petrissage: Apply oil to the injured joint or muscle. Wherever there is pain, lift the skin and gently squeeze and knead it. It works best for relieving sore muscles.
  • Lymphatic massage: To begin, apply oil to the injured joint or muscle. On the afflicted region, use gentle, patterned strokes (going down and out). This aids in cleansing the body of extra fluid that has accumulated as a result of inflammatory processes, such as those observed in psoriatic arthritis and rheumatoid.

How Often: For the best result, massage it regularly for 15 minutes once a week.

Castor Oil Packs

Using castor oil for massage or directly on your skin drenched in cotton cloth can be messy. But there's a better way out: Castor Oil Packs.

Lulus Naturals organic velour castor oil wrap is made specifically to let your body heal without any hassle. Made with ultra-soft 100% organic cotton, velour ensures proper absorption of the castor oil. With no risk of leaks, you can even wear the pack to bed without any discomfort.

Coupled with the organic castor oil, you can easily make and use the castor oil pack that relieves pain and helps treat inflammation from the core. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to using a castor oil pack

  • In the microwave, warm 3-4 tablespoons of organic castor oil for 45 seconds on a dish
  • Place the organic velour castor oil pack over the heated oil, and let the cloth absorb it
  • Sit or lie on a comfortable chair or bed, and keep the pack over your affected joints.
  • Place a hot water bottle or heating pad over the castor oil wrap
  • Let the pack heal the inflammation and take the pain away for 45 to 60 minutes.

How Often: Once a day, three times a week (use for three consecutive days with four days off) 

Curing Arthritis: The Holistic Approach

Time and again, castor oil has proven to be a miraculous remedy for fast pacing your arthritis healing process. 

But there's only so much relief external influences can provide. In the longer haul, you'll need to adapt to a healthy lifestyle with an appropriate diet and physical exercise to keep your body healthy and diseases away.

At Lulus Naturals, we advise you to focus on the holistic approach. To overcome the root cause of any disease, you need to pay close attention to the following:

Know Your Food 

Know your food

Ripe fruits rich in antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E, and selenium helps reduce inflammation. Therefore, fruits like strawberries, pineapples, berries, and grapes are great choices for arthritics.

Furthermore, make sure to include lots of fiber in your diet. This will help rescue the inflammatory responses that can decrease the C-reactive protein levels. 

It's also important to know which food will trigger arthritis. High protein food, including meat, beans, and processed carbohydrates containing saturated fat and transfat, caffeine, and any recreational drug must be avoided.



When a person has arthritis-induced joint pains, taking proper rest is vital. But exercise is also an undeniably crucial part of the healing journey.

Exercise improves stamina and flexibility, helps combat fatigue, reduces joint pain, and increases overall movement. 

So, consult a physical therapist to get the best exercises per your specific condition. In general, range-of-motion training, aerobics, strengthening workouts, yoga, and breathing exercises works best.

Focus on Positive Thoughts

Happy thoughts

Studies reveal that patients with RA can often suffer from self rejections. And it's not tough to understand why. When our mind dwells in constant pain, it's easy to let the negative thought take over.

But emotional factors play a significant role in our overall health; hence, emotion management is crucial to a quick recovery.

So, practice distracting your mind away from the pain. Devote time to certain hobbies like dancing, singing, etc., which will help you develop a feeling of happiness.

Spend quality time with your loved ones. Good, deep sleep will further help eliminate toxins and improve your organs' optimal function. 

Castor Oil for Arthritis: A Word to the Wise

Love and respect your body. We always have a choice to be happy or unhappy. Choose happy feelings to generate positivity. Develop a let-go attitude to reduce stress.

Using castor oil treatment and developing a holistic approach together will accelerate your recovery and help you live a happy life without allowing the pain and suffering to control you

Word of caution: Before starting any regime, make sure to consult with a doctor. Some people, particularly pregnant women, should avoid consuming castor oil. Also, you should avoid using castor oil for open wounds.

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24 Sep
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

Understanding Inflammation: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

You might not see or feel it, but inflammation can be gradually damaging your body. 

Yes, inflammation is a natural process that helps our body treat and protect itself from threats. But, when it becomes chronic, it can lead to life-threatening diseases.

With that said, there are many things you can do to reduce and even eradicate the risk of chronic inflammation. 

So, read on to find out everything you should know about inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is our body's natural way of healing and protecting against infection. Whenever your body is exposed to a foreign invader(such as bacteria, viruses, or other toxic chemicals) or sustain any injury, your immune system comes to the rescue in the form of an army of inflammatory cells or cytokines.

These cells initiate an inflammatory reaction to either trap foreign pathogen or start repairing the damaged tissues. This is most commonly followed by redness, swelling, bruising, or pain. 

The inflammatory response is a good thing, even life-saving in many cases. For example, when you fall and scratch your knee, the inflamed swelling helps quick recovery and prevents infections.

So, short, temporary, and sporadic inflammation, also referred to as acute inflammation, works in favor of our body. The problem starts when it sticks around, and the inflammatory response continues.

The prolonged response can have a deteriorating impact on your body and brain. It can induce malfunction and the endocrine and neurological systems, leading to chronic inflammation.

7 Signs You Might Have Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation occurs when your body's inflammation response stays on. Think of it like a small campfire you flamed to get warm that winds up burning 1,000 acres of the area— it's simply excessive.

Women suffering from knee pain caused due to inflammation

Fortunately, there are various apparent signs that can help your spot potential chronic inflammation, including:

Chronic Fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be a side effect of chronic inflammation and lack of sleep, both of which can trigger an inflammatory response in your body. 

Lower Back Pain

Spine-damaging chronic inflammation is a common feature of diseases like non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-AxSpA) and ankylosing spondylitis (AS). 

Both can result in neck and hip discomfort. Additionally, they can make the lower back painful and stiff, particularly in the morning.

Skin Damage

The immune system causes inflammation that assaults skin cells, leading to the development of inflammatory skin disorders, including psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. 

However, even diseases like rheumatoid arthritis (RA), which often do not manifest as skin issues, can result in inflammation that damages the skin.


Numerous pieces of data show that inflammation directly contributes to both obesity and diabetes. Your cells and tissues can become inflamed due to a diet heavy in refined carbs, added sugars, vegetable oils, a lack of exercise, and chronic stress.

Joint Pain

You probably have chronic, deep-seated inflammation if you experience persistent, chronic back pain or knee discomfort.

Balance Issues

Diseases that induce inflammation can also trigger the body to overreact, attacking nerve cells. When that occurs, nerve transmissions are hampered, causing a person to feel lightheaded, unbalanced, or have trouble walking.

Blood Clotting Problems

Hypercoagulation, a disorder that causes the blood to clot excessively, can develop in people who suffer from chronic inflammation as a result of an accident, trauma, or inflammatory illness. 

How to Diagnose Chronic Inflammation?

Inflammation cannot be accurately diagnosed on its own. But some blood tests, such as those that focus on C-reactive protein (CRP), which denotes infections or inflammation throughout the body (such as the joints), and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, which indicates inflammation of the heart, are an excellent place to start.

Women suffering from chronic inflammation

Sadly, many people don't receive a diagnosis for chronic inflammation until they are already suffering from another illness. So, do consult your doctor if you are displaying any of the above-mentioned signs of persistent inflammation. 

And once inflammation is confirmed, there are numerous ways to naturally heal the problem. Let's discuss some of them next.

Natural Ways to Heal Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a serious medical condition and cannot be completely treated without consulting the doctor. But acute inflammation doesn't usually require medical treatment. 

And you can control – even reverse – inflammation and its side effects by adopting a healthy anti-inflammatory diet and making minor tweaks to your daily routine.

So, here are Lulus Naturals' six golden tips for healing inflammation in your body naturally: 

Adopt Anti-Inflammatory Diet

For general health, your dietary choices are just as crucial as any supplements and drugs to cure or reduce inflammation. For example, adding fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet and cutting back on processed sugar can make a huge difference.

So, increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, and omega-3-rich meals in your diet. Moreover, grapes, blueberries, celery, garlic, tea, olive oil, and spices, including ginger, turmeric, and rosemary, are excellent anti-inflammatory diet options.

An ideal illustration of an anti-inflammatory diet is the Mediterranean diet. This is because it emphasizes on whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, and other nutritious foods while restricting bad fats like red meat, butter, egg yolks, processed and refined sugars, and carbohydrates.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Water is often at the top of the list of suggestions for a healthy lifestyle, and for good reasons: It helps to decrease inflammation and flush away leftover toxins. In addition, a constant flow of water maintains your body's functions properly. 

But you don't have to worry too much about purchasing enhanced fluids because consuming entire meals will provide you with ample amounts of minerals, electrolytes, and antioxidants. 

So, just make sure to consume 1 to 3 liters of clean water every day!

30-Minutes Exercise a Day

Exercise is another lifestyle change that can dramatically reduce acute inflammation in your body. For individuals with inflammation issues, doctors advise them to exercise 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

Any type of exercise will do; the key is to move your body. A fantastic objective is to combine strength and aerobic training. You can perform both at once or on different days.

Castor Oil: The Holy Grail

Castor oil is made up of an incredibly beneficial compound known as Ricinoleic acid, which has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties. It is also a great option for patients with inflammation caused by arthritic pain or sports injuries.

So, the next time your joints start to forecast rainy weather, go for some castor oil to treat the acute inflammation and even relief some pain. 

A Word of Caution From Lulus Naturals

Chronic Inflammation can significantly increase the risk of severe medical disorders. Therefore, make sure to talk to your healthcare practitioner about having bloodwork to identify the cause of any kind of inflammation on your body, whether they are common or atypical.

The good news is: chronic inflammation can be controlled with medications, dietary supplements, and lifestyle changes. So, take steps to manage stress and abstain from excessive alcohol and smoking, and lead and healthy and happy life!

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22 Sep
By Lucia Demercurio / Lulus Blog

The importance of creating a monthly pre-menstrual ritual: For deep womb healing

At Lulus, we love to talk about the importance of the mind-body connection when it comes to our health. 
Womb health is one of our top priorities and what we love to share on in terms of how to maintain a healthy reproductive system as well as self-healing conditions, such as menstrual pain, endometriosis, cysts, fibroids, yeast infections, recurring UTI’s etc. 
Most women wait until they have a symptom to begin or change their lifestyle. 
Prevention is key to keeping healthy, and having a monthly menstrual ritual is the gateway to healing your reproductive system. 
As women we all carry trauma in our wombs. These traumas (big or small) create havoc in our reproductive systems via physical conditions such as endo, cysts, fibroids..etc. 
By creating a monthly menstrual cycle ritual, you are setting the stage and space, each month for your body, mind and soul to enter a state of awareness. 
What exactly do we mean by a menstrual cycle ritual? 

It is a place of safety within your home, that has a sacred quality to it. A place in which you feel safe, so that you may deeply drop into the vulnerability that menstruation gifts you each month. Menstruation is a time where all of our buried traumas are easily accessed as they come up to the surface to be seen, heard and healed. 

The space can be in your bedroom or someplace private outside of your room where you feel protected and free to open up and express whatever arises. 

You can create an altar that helps you to feel supported and safe. 
Approximately 7–10 days before the first day of your bleed is the best time to start your ritual. 

Recommendations for your ritual: 

  1. Slowing down, creating stillness and silence will not only support your nervous system during pre-menstruation but will also facilitate in accessing your inner guidance.

  2. Detoxing from your phone, television, computer. Try not to distract yourself during this time with electronics.

  3. Spend time in the morning or evening in your sacred ritual space without any interruptions. Sitting in quite, observing nature, writing in a journal, stretching, massaging your body and just feeling into your emotions. The key here is to tap into your emotions and feel what comes up. Maybe it’s anger, frustration, sadness, anguish, despair, maybe it’s memories from the past or maybe it’s pain in the body. Whatever it is, don’t judge it. If it’s pain or a memory, just sit with it, put all of your attention on it as if it was under a microscope and see if there are any emotions associated to the pain or memory. 

  4. Be consistent- Each month take your menstrual medicine by sitting at your sacred ritual space and see how you begin to heal from the inside out. 
  5. Castor oil pack: Adding a castor oil pack to your menstruation ritual is a beautiful act of self love during this deep inner healing time. Tending to your womb and giving her love, appreciation and support is what she needs. We recommend wearing a castor pack 2-3 consecutive days leading up to the first day of your bleed. 

Wish you all the best on your healing journey. Please send us a message if you need more support or information on creating a sacred space for your self. 🌹

08 Sep
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

The Ultimate Guide to Castor Oil For Liver Detox

You might not realize it, but your physical, emotional, and mental health are all deeply entangled with how healthy your liver is. 

This dark reddish-brown organ in the upper right-hand corner works tirelessly to detoxify our blood, produce bile juice, store essential vitals, minerals, and iron, break down hormones, boost immunity, and so much more.

However, all this work can take a toll on this perpetual working organ of your body. 

That's why it's vital to cleanse your liver, and using castor oil for liver detoxification is a sure-shot way to detoxify and heal your liver the right way.

Therefore, in this article, we will answer the most in-demand questions about castor oil for liver detoxification. But, let's first start with understanding what exactly is a liver detox:

What is a Liver Detox?

The liver is the body's natural detoxifier since it eliminates toxins from the body and makes bile to aid in normal digestion. A person's liver can cleanse practically anything they come into contact with. 

However, through all the filtering processes, toxins can get accumulated inside the liver. This is where detoxifying your liver becomes important because a liver filled with toxins can be the breeding ground for various illnesses and health risks. 

But how do you know if your liver even needs detoxification? Following are some of the most common signs that your body may be urging for a liver detox:

  • Skin Disorder: Dry, itchy, raches, and discolored skin
  • Abdominal Bloating: Excess weight gain in the abdominal area (this happens primarily due to lack of fat metabolization)
  • Digestive Problem: Constipation, heartburn, and diarrhea (caused by decreased production of bile)
  • Hormonal Imbalance: Increased premenstrual symptoms and a decreased libido (the result of testosterone and estrogen hormone imbalance)

Other than the above, recurrent headaches, feeling of extreme tiredness post sufficient sleep, depression, increased body odor, and bad breath can also be concerning signs of liver damage.

However, even if these symptoms are not apparent in your body, detoxifying your liver at regular intervals is essential for your overall well-being. And castor oil is the new age solution for liver detoxification and cleansing.

How does Castor Oil Help in Liver Detox?

Castor oil has long been a part of ancient Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic, and Egyptian medicines. Interestingly, cultures from around the world have used this miraculous oil for everything from digestive care as a laxative to skincare.

But why should you use castor oil for liver detoxification?

The ricinoleic acid in castor seeds targets your liver's lymphatic system and promotes the movement of chemical energy in the body, thus helping it produce lymphocytes

The body's natural disease-fighting cells, lymphocytes, aid in the removal of toxins that have accumulated over time. This vital detoxification strengthens your immune system for combatting any disease you may be exposed to. 

Moreover, castor oil also includes Sesquiterpene Lactones (SLs), which, in combination with other compounds like artichoke and dandelion, aid in liver cell cleansing and revival, as well as lowering levels of specific fat markers linked to NAFLD.

The other benefits of castor oil-induced liver detoxification include:

  • Reduction in nausea
  • Pain relief
  • More effective waste removal
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased relaxation
  • Immune enhancing benefits

Castor oil can also be used as an enema to release toxins and maintain optimal liver function, enhance detoxification, and lower liver-related inflammation. Moreover, it can also be used in various therapies to treat detoxification issues, hormonal imbalance, problems with organs within the liver, and more.

Castor Oil Packs for Liver Detoxification

Castor oil packs are the modern solution to provide the essential oil's benefit directly at the source. These packs can be used to apply pressure to any location, including the chest, abdomen, or other trouble spots.

A castor oil pack targets naturally beneficial properties of castor oil and helps it readily reach tissues, organs, muscles, and bones through all seven layers of skin without interfering with the body's natural function.

Besides being an excellent treatment for reducing symptoms of fatty liver, castor oil packs are also universally accepted to treat excess acidity in our livers naturally. When you start applying a castor oil pack religiously, you will:

  • Feel more energetic
  • Enjoy better digestion
  • Notice clearer skin
  • Have an overall improved mood

Making a castor oil pack for liver detoxification is, however, not that straightforward. Despite many claims, those who have tried DIY castor packs know how messy it can be. Besides the hassle of finding the perfect cloth to turn into a wrap, a castor oil spill can ruin your cloth and bedsheets. All in all, it is not everyone's cup of tea.

But, there is a better way out!

Expertly made Lulus Naturals Organic Liver Detox Castor Oil Pack, a combination of liver detoxifying organic castor oil blend and organic cotton velour compress (9x19), cut the hassle and let you apply and enjoy the entire process of detoxification.

In the words of our customers, these castor oil packs are "Well constructed and solve the problem of not making a mess."

How to Use Castor Oil Pack for Liver Detox?

Applying a castor oil pack for liver detoxification is super easy. Here's how to do it:

  • Place your castor oil pack on a flat surface
  • Apply a handful of castor oil directly over your liver (upper right-hand corner of your abdominal)
  • Add another 2-3 tablespoons of castor oil at the center of the pack
  • Now, place the pack over your liver and place a heating pack or hot water bottle on top for more profound healing
  • Let the pack sit for 60-90 minutes, you can also wear the pack overnight

When you order your Lulus Naturals Organic Liver Detox Castor Oil Pack, you will receive a thorough step-by-step direction book to follow. Following the steps, you can expertly apply your castor oil pack without hassle.

NOTE: Make sure to cleanse your bile duct before detoxifying your liver

Castor Oil Flush

Castor oil flush is incredibly effective in cleaning your liver, stomach, kidneys, and colon. Because castor oil is ultimately derived from plants, it is a very mild laxative. As a result, it gently lubricates and nourishes the colon, unlike other laxatives like senna or saline enemas. 

Castor oil flush is also excellent at removing any extra body heat. It is the perfect remedy for those who have occasional flare-ups of chronic inflammation in the lower GI tract or any gastric inflammation.

Though castor oil Panchakarma cleansing should only be carried out under the guidance of an Ayurvedic physician, the mild route of castor oil flush can also be performed at home.

So, this is how you can do a castor oil liver flush at home:

Get Your Body Ready

Start by eating light (for instance, soups, veggies, kitchari, broth, etc) for three to four days prior to the flush. Abstain from cheese, alcohol, or meat. 

Choose cooked meals whenever possible, be sure to eat your largest meals at lunch and drink lots of water.

Time to Start the Process

  • Pour a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and add three tablespoons of medical-grade organic castor oil; stir and drink the mix immediately
  • Wait for at least 30 minutes
  • Now, drink one glass of lukewarm water
  • Wait for another 15 minutes and gulp down two more glasses of warm water, and repeat the same after the next 15 minutes
  • Now, rest until you feel the need to use the washroom

Following the above step, you can easily flush down most of the toxins and waste in your liver and stomach. 

The After Care

Castor oil liver flush can be a little strong since it purges all of your body's toxins. Therefore, you may feel dizzy for the 3-4 hours post the castor-oil flush. 

So, keep your body hydrated, drink warm water infused with lime juice, salt, and a dash of raw sugar to promote absorption. And get as much rest as possible.

Also, ensure to avoid spicy, greasy, uncooked, and heavy foods for at least two days following the flush. 

NOTE: Before making any changes to your health and wellness program, please consult with your doctor. Don’t perform castor oil liver flush more than twice a year.

A Word of Caution

Castor oil is a great remedy to detoxify your liver, be it via packs, liver flush, or both. But, when used too often, it can also endanger the health of your colon. So, don’t form a habit of using any strong laxatives (including castor oil) for an extended period. 

It’s natural to feel some irritation in the intestines after using castor oil. But, discontinue the use upon any signs of intestine cramping. Also, never use castor oil if you have inflamed intestines.

Read the list of contradictions with great honesty, and follow the dietary recommendations before and after detoxification.

The Secret to the Perfect Castor Oil Blend for Liver Detox

For centuries holistic practitioners have been using castor oil for liver detox. But, with technological advancement, we now know, for sure, that castor oil is filled with exceptional nutritional and medicinal value. 

But, more importantly, we have learned how to make the perfect blend of organic castor oil, especially for liver detox. Lulus Naturals Ultimate Liver Detox Castor Oil Blend is a mix of 97% organic castor oil and 3% organic essential oils (organically extracted oil of rosemary, peppermint, lemon, fennel, and Juniper Berry).

So, show your liver some love, and treat it with the Organic Liver Detox Castor Oil Pack. After all, this is the least we can do for this little guy to clean out all the bodily toxins and keep us healthy!

09 Aug
By Anshika Mishra / Lulus Blog

Castor Oil For Fertility: Miraculous Benefits You Can't-Miss

When you're longing for a baby, getting pregnant can't come fast enough! But, did you know, apart from medical ways, there are a few proven organic remedies to increase your fertility naturally? And castor oil fertility packs are definitely at the top of this list.

Castor oil is miraculous!

For centuries, women have been using castor oil to promote pregnancy, and this magical oil lives up to its reputation as a natural fertility booster even today.

But, how does castor oil boosts fertility? What is the best way to use castor oil for fertility? And are castor oil packs truly worth the hype?

 Let's find out.

How Does Castor Oil Work?

Castor oil is a multipurpose organic oil extracted from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis, a plant packed with a wealth of medical, pharmaceutical, and industrial uses. 

100% pure castor oil has sweet, sour, and astringent flavors. And the application of the miraculous oil instantly cools down the body. While the astringent and pungent qualities of the oil cleanse the body of salts and impurities, the sweetness provides sustenance. In addition, the cooling quality helps in decreasing skin irritants like prickly heat and pita.

Globally pure castor oil is popular for its potent anti-inflammatory, immune-boosting, antiviral, labor-inducing, anti-infectious, anti-rheumatic, anti fungicidal, laxative, anti-allergic, antiaging, and analgesic qualities.

But is castor oil good for fertility?

Turn out, when it comes to fertility, castor oils can provide miraculous aid to your reproductive health by supporting:

  • Uterine health
  • Ovarian health
  • Egg health
  • Fallopian tube health 

Let's understand in more detail.

Castor Oil: An Excellent Remedy for Fertility?

For centuries, castor oil has been viewed as a proven natural way to boost fertility amongst women. And here are the top four reasons why castor oil remains a popular natural remedy to improve your reproductive health even today:

Promotes Detoxification

Did you know in Chinese medicine, the liver meridian plays a significant role in women's ability to get pregnant? This is because the liver meridian is deeply connected with almost every body part, including the uterus and blood.

And as an FDA-approved powerful laxative, castor oil is a stimulator for liver detoxification.

Furthermore, regular castor oil therapy can help eliminate harmful toxins from the body. Thus, establishing a state of health, creating a setting that is favorable for successful conception.

Better Blood Circulation

Lack of proper blood circulation in the reproductive organs can often promote the formation of adhesion or excessive scar tissues

However, proper use of castor oil nourishes your fallopian tube, ovaries, and uterus by boosting the circulation of oxygenated blood flow through the pelvis/abdomen.

Even in general, castor oil usage twice a week is an excellent way to improve blood circulation and better flow of oxygen into the cell.

Relieves Inflammation and Pain

Inflammation can play a significant role in numerous health conditions that affect fertility, including uterine fibroids, PID, ovarian cysts, Ashermans syndrome, blocked fallopian tubes, and fibrocystic breast disease.

Moreover, inflammation and discomfort in your reproductive organs can be spurred by a number of reasons, including poor circulation, a compromised immune system that causes slow lymph flow or clogged lymph glands, your overworked liver, and more. 

Fortunately, these can be healed with castor oil therapies.

To treat the above problems naturally, doctors recommend castor oil usage to women as supportive therapy and a crucial component of a natural fertility program.

The Growth of The Endometrium

Upon successful fertilization, the fetus must be held firmly inside the uterus and protected from any shocks or tiny movements until it is mature. This is carried out when the uterus's thick, healthy endometrial lining.

And the use of castor oil pre-conception can help with this because it encourages the formation of endometrial cells. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of keeping the conceived zygote safe and secure inside the uterus.

When to Use Castor Oil?

Except during menstruation, castor oil packs on alternate days are strongly advised for women who are typically trying to increase their fertility. However, this frequency has to be changed to only be used during the first part of your ovulation cycle while you are actively trying to conceive. 

So, start your castor oil pack routine on the day after your period, and continue using the pack over your lower abdomen for your entire follicular phase until you ovulate.

Women wearing castor oil packs

Post ovulation, move your castor oil pack application to your liver. Continue this placement from day one of your ovulation until you get a positive pregnancy test or your menstruation cycle starts.

The goal is to promote your lymphatic and liver function by applying castor oil on a piece of cloth and keeping it on the skin for at least an hour while it is heated. 

However, due to the probable presence of active ricin, the usage of raw castor bean derivatives should be carefully controlled. 

But, we have got a solution for you!

Castor Oil Packs to Boost Fertility

Organic Fertility Booster Castor Oil Blend from Lulus Naturals is the perfect balance of the castor oil's active ricin blended with fertility boosting essentials. The use of this perfect balance with an organic cotton velour wrap will further help you with reducing the size of ovarian cysts and fibroids, as well as soothing endometriosis and menstrual pain.

Here's how to use your castor oil pack the right way:

  • Step 1: Place the clean pack on a flat surface with the soft side up
  • Step 2: Apply 2-3 tablespoons of castor oil at the center of the pack, and apply a generous amount of castor oil over your body (area of treatment).
  • Step 3: Place the castor oil pack over the area to be treated (lower abdomen/ liver).
  • Step 4: Place a hot water bottle on top of the pack for better healing and let it sit for 45-90 minutes. You can also let the pack heal overnight.

    Natural Fertility Remedy: The Complete Pack

    On a biological level, fertilization is a difficult process. Even the smallest impediments from the presence of specific toxins or bacteria can result in its complete failure.

    But, the use of organic castor oil packs is great at releasing toxins and getting the blood flowing from previously stagnated areas. And even if you don't think you have a problem, using castor oil packs during your follicular period will only boost your chances of getting pregnant.

    Order your Fertility Castor Pack today!

    03 Jul
    By Lucia Demercurio / Lulus Blog

    Salt water flush for chronic constipation: Reset your digestive system (Recipe Included!)

    Constipation affects many people and often is a result of poor eating habits, not enough fiber in our diet, stress and the list goes on. It may happen that everything we try just doesn't do the trick and we remain feeling blocked up and uncomfortable. 

    A salt water flush can be a great solution to instantly unblocking and cleaning out your digestive system and colon by inducing a forced bowel movement.  

    Aside from releasing built up waste and toxins in the body, it is a great way to kick-start a liver detox. 

    Drinking a salt mixture activates the body’s mechanism and acts as a natural laxative, kick-starting the digestive system back on track, as a result, feeling lighter and less sluggish. 

    It is best to do the salt water flush 2-3 hours on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning. 

    To do a salt water flush, you will need the following: 

    • 2 teaspoons of sea salt, such as pink Himalayan Salt. (do not use iodinated salt)
    • Glass jar with lid (1 liter or larger) 
    • 1 liter of filtered water 


    1. Heat up 1 liter of water in pot, do not boil. Water should be warm but not hot. 

    2. Place heated water in glass jar and add 2 teaspoons of Himalayan salt.

    3. Add lid to jar and shake to fully dissolve the salt

    4. Drink the salt water quickly. It's best to not sip it, ideally drink it all at one or within 1-2 minutes. It doesn't taste that great, so the faster it goes down the better!

    5. Lay down on your side and gently massage your stomach. You can switch sides and do the same. Within 20-30 minutes you will feel an urge to do a bowel movement. You may need to go a few times so it's best to not leave the house for at-least an hour after drinking the mixture. 

    Enjoy some dandelion, burdock or milk thistle tea after you feel fully cleaned out. 




    22 Apr
    By Lucia Demercurio / Lulus Blog

    How To Heal Ovarian Cysts From The Root + My Personal Healing Story

    There is a ton of information on social media and the internet about how an ovarian cyst is formed and the process of getting it surgically removed but very little information on how to heal it naturally. 


    Unfortunately, doctors don't and won't tell you there are other alternatives to reducing the size of the cysts that you can try instead of surgery. 


    They jump straight to "if this cyst doesn't reduce in size within one month, we're going to have to operate." Leaving you feeling helpless and at the mercy of their prognosis. Luckily, there is another way, MANY other ways.


    The truth is, there is so much you can do and try before it comes down to a surgeon cutting into your body. As you may already know or have heard from many experts in energy medicine, otherwise known as energy healing, you have the power to heal your own body, and we all do. 


    In November 2019, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. It had ruptured, and after about 30 minutes of extreme pain followed by two days of swelling from my lower abdomen up to my stomach to the point where I could barely move, I decided to go to the emergency room. 


    At this point, I had no idea what was wrong, and I thought the pain and swelling were caused by something I had eaten. After 8 hours in the ER, I was told I had a cyst and that if it did not reduce in size within 30 days, they would need to operate. 


    Instantly I knew this was not an option for me, and I did not want to operate and decided to seek alternative options. 


    Surgery can be a lifesaver, and I would never turn it down under urgent conditions, but this was not one of those times. I instinctively knew I could do so much more before resorting to surgery...I at least needed to try.


    I quickly researched on google and came across castor oil, which is known to reduce the size of cysts. The next day I started doing castor oil packs daily, and when I returned to the doctor, the cyst was completely gone. 


    Now. As this is very important, I want to mention that I do not give 100% credit to castor oil in reducing the size of the cysts. There is no one cure-all solution, and it must be accessed from a whole-body perspective to tackle the disease: mind, body, and energy. 


    I believe castor oil helped reduce the cysts' size and everything else I'm about to mention kept it from returning. 


    So what did I do, exactly? As I mentioned, I used castor oil packs for about 1 hour daily. 


    Additionally, I cut out all non-organic and processed foods, and

    I threw out all plastics, hair, skin, and cleaning products with chemicals and now only use "clean" products on my body. 


    Did you know that estrogen dominance is a cause of ovarian cysts? 


    Estrogen dominance occurs when the body produces excess estrogen. The chemicals in our cookware, plastic containers, beauty, and cleaning products carry xeno-estrogens, which imitate estrogen in the body.


    Having an excess of estrogen can lead to reproductive conditions such as ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibroids, fertility issues, and much more!  


    This next one was huge for me, not to say the others mentioned above were less critical because everything I did, contributed to healing the cyst. However, I do feel that if I had not acknowledged my emotional (energy) body, the cyst would have probably resurfaced. 


    You have probably noticed that your body will begin to manifest physical symptoms when something mentally or emotionally is troubling you, such as a cold, muscle tension, pain in the body, joint pain, digestion issues, etc. 


    The cyst was trying to communicate an important message to me. It was there for a reason, and there is always a reason or a message behind every physical manifestation. 


    So I turned to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Since I was already familiar with EFT Tapping, I knew this would be an excellent tool for accessing my subconscious mind and understanding what my ovary was trying to communicate. 


    As I began tapping, I felt sadness, despair, rage, anger, guilt, and shame, and it erupted out of me repeatedly in never-ending waves. Eventually, I stopped tapping and knew that the inner work I had done on myself that evening would have tremendous results. And so it did.


    You can try many energy healing modalities out there, and EFT is one of the great ones I love. 


    Some other great options for self-discovery and self-healing are: 

    - Emotion Code

    - Breathwork

    - Journaling

    - Ecstatic Dance

    - Art therapy

    - Meditation

    - Being out in nature (Forest Bathing)


    I wish you a deep healing journey.

    With love,





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