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Speak Your Truth + Sacred Womb Castor Wrap Bundle

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Bundled together are two of our customer favs:  Speak Your Truth Thyroid Wrap + Sacred Womb Castor Wrap. 



At Lulus Naturals, we believe that through our throats we express our voice, boundaries, and our own truth. It is through the throat that we are able to articulate our dreams and express our strength.

We believe that when we don’t process our emotions in a healthy way and resolve them with appropriate communication, our emotions can become trapped therefore contributing to chronic inflammation that may lead to thyroid conditions.

Lulu's "Speak your truth" neck wrap comes with an adjustable button strap.


At Lulus Naturals, we believe the womb is the sacred space within women where we connect with our power, passion, and self-love. We also believe that a healthy lifestyle free of chemicals and toxins, embracing healthy eating habits, and attention to our mental and emotional well-being are the key factors for living a life of joy and well-being.

It has been discovered that castor oil wraps applied externally to a woman’s reproductive system help heal reproductive system disorders. Castor oil therapy and wraps have been used by herbalists, natural healthcare practitioners, and women just like you for hundreds of years as useful natural therapy to support health and well-being.

Reproductive castor oil wraps are known to Increase Lymphatic Circulation, Boost Immune System Function, Promote Detoxification, Reduce Pain, Reduce the Size of Fibroids and Cysts and so much more.

Regular use of castor packs over the lower abdomen increases lymphatic circulation and supports the body in reducing the size of ovarian cysts and fibroids.

By using the pack for 30 - 45 minutes per day, three or four days a week, it invites you to rest and connect to your body, mind, and spirit, giving it the loving attention and compassion needed to heal.

Sacred Womb Castor Wrap may be used for Menstrual Pain | Ovarian Cysts | Maintenance of a Healthy Reproductive System | Endometriosis Pain | Uterine fibroids

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