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Organic Castor Oil Essentials for the whole body

Our Story

Inspired by the power of castor oil in quickly reducing the size of ovarian cysts, Lulus Naturals was born.

Our Journey

Lulus Naturals is a female operated shop in Oregon. We specialize in organic castor oil packs for all of your castor oil needs. We offer organic cotton castor oil wraps, castor oil blends for different ailments and roll on castor oil bottle for on the go.

Why Us?

Lulus castor wrap is made of organic cotton fabric and has been successfully tested for harmful substances. Our castor blends are specially formulated for menstrual pain, ovarian cysts, fibroids (uterine and breast) endometriosis, liver detox, fertility, PMS, constipation and hormone balance.

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Our Vision

We believe in the power of healing our own bodies and it is our mission to bring awareness to women's reproductive systems by empowering, educating and inspiring self-healing via castor oil packs and energy healing modalities.



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