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USDA Certified Organic Castor Oil |Cold-Pressed |Hexane-Free| 8oz

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Lulus Naturals 100% Organic Castor Oil comes in a dark glass 8oz bottle.

Certified USDA

Cold-pressed and hexane-free.

Apply castor oil directly to your body over the area to be treated. Massage into your body for a few minutes until the area is completely saturated in castor oil.

At Lulus Naturals, we believe health and healing occur when we connect with our mind, body, and spirit. A healthy lifestyle including eating nutrient-rich foods, environments free of chemical pollutants, and connection with our inner selves contribute to inward and outward expression of well-being and joy.

May be used for Alleviation of Constipation | Liver Detoxification | Maintenance of Healthy Digestion | Tummy Discomfort or Pain | Gallbladder Health | Maintenance of Healthy Kidney Function

Reproductive castor oil wraps are known to Increase Lymphatic Circulation, Boost Immune System Function, Promote Detoxification, Reduce Pain, Reduce the Size of Fibroids and Cysts and so much more!!

Regular use of castor packs over the abdomen increases lymphatic circulation, helps to restore proper bowel eliminations, and improves digestion. The wrap is especially beneficial for those with IBS and constipation.

Disclaimer: This is not considered medical advice. Before starting any regime, make sure to consult with a doctor. In addition to adopting castor oil pack therapy, developing a holistic approach to healing is highly recommended.

- DO NOT use castor oil wraps during pregnancy or menstruation without medical supervision.
- If you have had recent abdominal surgery, consult your physician before beginning castor oil therapy.
- Do not use castor oil wraps on open wounds or after recent surgery.
- Do not heat castor oil wrap in the microwave or oven. Apply oil directly to the skin.
- Do use a heating pad or hot water bottle placed on top of the castor oil wrap once the castor oil wrap is secured to the body.
- If you have colitis, Crohn’s, or chronic diarrhea, start with 10 minutes per treatment.
- Contraindicated (do not use castor oil wrap) over the abdomen of women with IUDs.

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