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Core Connection + Organic Castor Oil Roll-On

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Lulus Naturals Core Connection Wrap + Organic Castor Oil Roll-on (3 oz)

Liver/Digestion Castor Oil Wraps are designed to help your liver and digestive systems expel toxins and chemicals and restore the sweet and essential connection you are meant to have when your body (your gut) connects quickly and effortlessly with your mind and spirit.

May be used for Alleviation of Constipation | Liver Detoxification | Maintenance of Healthy Digestion | Tummy Discomfort or Pain | Gallbladder Health | Maintenance of Healthy Kidney Function

Regular use of castor packs over the abdomen increases lymphatic circulation, helps to restore proper bowel eliminations, and improves digestion. The wrap is especially beneficial for those with IBS and constipation.

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